May 1, 2015

Shadowhouse April Texture Set

Before Texture Use

After Texture Use

The Shadowhouse April Texture Set contains 8 soft grungey textures,
each measures 3456 X 2304 pixels.  This set was created especially 
for the use of backgrounds.

Just simply apply as an overlay over an image, select and adjust the
photoshop layer mode and opacity levels to taste, select a soft brush 
and erase carefully what you don't want the texture to cover.

I love this set, hopefully they will be of some use.

Inked Clipping Masks Set

Inked clipping Mask Set contains 6 Masks, each mask measures 2500 X 2500 pixels. 

I also made the masks set into .abr brush file, which was made in Photoshop CS3
so they can be used in Photoshop versions CS3 onward and Adobe Elements 6 onward.

Vintage Hand Alphabet Brush Set

The Vintage Hand Alphabet Brush Set contains all 26 letters of the alphabet.
Each letter is contained within a 500 X 500 pixel white background.

The .abr brush set was made in Photoshop CS3, which means they are compatible 
with CS3 are newer versions.

Terms of use are in the zipped download, feel free to download and use.

Watercolor Texture Set

Watercolor Texture Set contains 12 textures, each measures 3600 X 2400 pixels.
Perfect for backgrounds, overlays and other useful ways you see fit.

Hope these can be useful!

January 8, 2015

Shadowhouse Valentine Overlay + Brush Set

SHADOWHOUSE VALENTINE OVERLAY + BRUSH SET: is a FREE download which contains a variety of 8 hand-made text overlays and Photoshop brushes.