Greetings, my name is Jerry Jones and I'm the one man army that creates and operates things here at Shadowhouse Studio.

Welcome to the newly rebuilt Shadowhouse Creations, I thought it was about time for a makeover, not an easy task I must say.

I've been wanting a new look around here for quite some time, but the under-taking always seemed too much, after all Shadowhouse Creations has around 800 posts and to re-design and re-post each one would take forever. I've decided to leave Shadowhouse Creations as is and still post, but Shadowhouse Studio will be my new focus, a clean, minimal, larger images, no side-bar distractions site.

My intentions is to continue posting my usual hand-made goods, but I also want to post or point you to occasional things of interest from other creative artists I feel you might find helpful or interesting. I must admit I have some concerns about losing some followers along the way, but I feel the change is necessary for me to continue, so I hope you decide to continue checking in and if you could, help spread the word about Shadowhouse Studio with friends and others.

Okay, a little something about me, I'm what you would call an avid self taught Photoshop digital artist, who has no professional training what so ever, all that I've learned has come from tutorials posted online all across the web and self determination.
I'm also an amateur photographer, and I feel I'm being kind in my wording amateur.  I feel more comfortable with Photoshop than a camera in my hand, but I feel I'm slowly learning more about photography as time goes by, and hope someday I'll feel as comfortable with my camera as I do with Photoshop,time will tell.

To those of you who know me, probably know me from my Flickr site, and the work I do with textures, which I post for anyone to use, both for personal use and professionally.  I've been creating my own textures for some years now, and love incorporating them into my artwork and photos, if used properly,they really can add incredible possibilities and atmosphere to your images.

Being a member of the Flickr community and several texture groups, I decided like so many others to offer them freely for others to use, after all, why should they just set around on an external hard drive collecting dust and unused.

Some of you may remember me for my dark artworks, something that was such a big part of me for quite some time under the name ghostbones, but the genre grew tiresome and I felt I was feeling pigeon holed to one creative output, so in late 2008 I decided to put an end ghostbones and start a new life as skeletalmess, which I tried to hide at first, but it was evident to others who new my work whoI was, so much for anonymity.

I'm loving the new me, and I'm having fun again, trying my hands at different things and all the while, keeping and meeting some wonderful friends along the way.

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  1. So nice to meet you Jerry Jones....You know the power of giving! I so appreciate these textures. Your work is AMAZING! The slide show had me anticipating the next picture immediately :~) WOW! WOW! WOW! Hard to pick a favorite. I love the feeling that the birds bring to your work. Thanks again, ~Char~


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